The Clean Air Alliance UK Memberhsip Principles and Commitments

CAA-UK Members agree that:

1. Air Pollution is an urgent problem in the UK, requiring emissions of major air pollutants (e.g. nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter) to be substantially reduced both locally and nationally within a timescale that limits the risk of serious public health impacts.

2. Government, industry and other stakeholders share responsibility for improving air quality and working towards healthier air.

3. The UK should seek to provide leadership to the international community by demonstrating how to achieve a sustainable pathway to improved air quality and healthier air and thereby stimulate opportunities for UK-based businesses.

4. Working through a multi-stakeholder partnership is an effective means of accelerating progress towards clean and healthy air.

CAA-UK Members commit that they will:

1. Through their activities encourage the supply of, or demand for, cleaner air technologies, vehicles or fuels.

2. Collaborate constructively with other CAA-UK members to develop the market for clean technologies, vehicles or fuels.

3. Support relevant Alliance activities by providing funding, staff, resources or other appropriate assistance commensurate with the size of their organisation.

4. Inspire, innovate and lead the development of the market for clean air solutions by sharing learning and experience when appropriate.

5. Promote their participation in CAA-UK and actively support its mission and aims through appropriate channels.